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Our staff have experience in planning and delivering complex projects and programs. Below are a few examples:

Department of Health – Implementation of CPR changes

This project involved the development of requirements to incorporate CPR changes up to CPR version 1 January 2018 into Departmental non-ICT and SAP processing.

Department of Health – Procurement Transformation Project

This project involved the review, redevelopment and implementation of all aspects of non-ICT procurement within the Department. It included process redesign, document development, template development, intranet layout and publishing. It also included the analysis of the procurement ICT system and redevelopment of the requirements to streamline and update the system.

Department of Social Services – Procurement System Requirements

Review and design improvement requirements of the SAP based procurement system within the department. It was a requirement of this project to streamline workflows and data entry to reduce the burden on end-users and to align the system with current legislation and policies including the Indigenous Procurement Policy.

Department of Social Services – Business Intelligence System

This project involved reviewing the existing SAP based system and development of specifications to enable in depth procurement analysis and facilitate data extraction to meet internal and external reporting requirements.

Customs – Maritime Threat and Risk Assessment Program

Delivery of a threat and risk assessment program aligned with key strategic issues in Australia’s maritime environment. This required collaboration with stakeholders across several Commonwealth departments to coordinate the collection, analysis, and reporting to better focus operational assets.

Customs – Commercial Vessel Risk Assessment Process

Development of the risk assessment methodology in order to focus a reduced operational capacity to the prioritised treatment and management commercial vessels entering Australia.

Department of Social Services – Alarm Networking

Project manage the standardisation of alarms and electronic access systems across 23 of the Department’s sites across Australia ranging from capital cities and regional centres to more remote locations such as Broome and Nhulunbuy. This also included the planning and fit-out of fixed and mobile duress alarms for staff in offices and staff housing in remote locations.

Department of Social Services – Project Management Framework

Working within the Business Strategy Taskforce to develop and implement a scalable project management framework including the policy, tools and templates to standardise project management within the department.

Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency – Internal performance audit – credit cards

This project involved a performance audit of credit card policy and procedures, and the use of credit cards within the agency. The final product was an easily understood report outlining the operating environment, the findings of a field visit and data analysis and recommendations for improvement.


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